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Traditional beats Modern

The Wapiti 2017-18 yearbook has not been published yet, but we are one step closer to bringing you a fabulous, full-colour yearbook!

We have pre-sold 112 books which has allowed us to to produce not 40 pages, but 56 pages for the $35.00 price! Thanks to all those families that pre-ordered and have given us the ability to add more pages and photos!

This year we had our Crusaders who purchased a yearbook vote on the cover they would like. There were two categories - traditional and modern with two different covers in each category. Mr. Braga tallied the results and traditional beat the modern by a mere 7 votes!

Crusaders and staff, please keep those pictures coming! Cell phones photos do reproduce well! Parents, if you snap a great picture of our child at a school related event, we would love it if you shared it with us! Photos can be sent to


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