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Crusader Christmas Project reaches 1409 children in 19 years

The Crusaders have been filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child since 1998. In those 19 years, we have filled 1369 shoeboxes that were delivered to children world wide - from Easter Island to the Ukraine!

Our goal was to fill 31 shoeboxes and WE DID IT - PLUS 10! Forty one more children will be smiling this holiday season thanks to the generosity of Crusader families and community members.

Many thanks to those who helped us reach 1409 children over the past 19 years! This year's boxes were filled by: Nathaniel Cousins, Dakota Havener (2), Colby Havener (2), Lennox and Landon St. Arnault (2), Elaine Bjorkman, Kolbie Poitras, Makenna Rose, Gloria Lecopoy (2), The Capjack Family (2), Kyra Ockerman (2), The Bjorkman Family (3), Cheyanne Lawrence, Savannah Lawrence, Dae Smereka, Vicki Brooker, Landon Malachowski, Brooke Krider, Madison Krider, Stephanie Jacula (2), Shaylynn Klatt, The Boorse Family (2), The Petruk Family, Mr. Casper (2), Mrs. Bower-Gagne (2), Mrs. Loughran, and The Skarsen Family (3).

Special thanks to the Mrs. Amy Noel and the Elk Point Baptist Church for being our town collection center and for all their help and encouragement with filling shoeboxes! It was great having Mrs. Cribbins, Dallan Pinder and Nolan Koren help out with the counting and packing of the boxes!


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