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A Beginning and an End

Megan Phillips, our Sr. CAPC ( Community Advisory Policing Committee) representative, is graduating this year and has done an excellent job of representing our school the last 3 years as F. G. Miller's lead student representative. Megan has prepared and presented reports on behalf of our school, shared news and concerns from a student perspective. These reports have been shared with local representatives from the Town, Chamber, Seniors, County, Victim Services, Rural Crime Watch and RCMP.

Now, Shaylyn Klatt will be joining her as our new student representative. This is the first time we have selected a grade 7 student for this position. Shaylyn, who is also a member of PUP, has shown skills and strengths that make her a perfect fit to be mentored by Megan to take on this role next year.

Mrs. Bower-Gagne, Megan and Shaylyn attended their first meeting together November 8. Congratulations, Shaylyn, we are know you will represent our school effectively. Our thanks to Megan for all her hard work over the past 3 years!


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