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Student Vote Election Results

The Crusaders had the opportunity to participate in Student Vote 2017 in conjunction with CIVIX. We wanted to share our stats with The Realm! Out of our 243 enrolled students, 77 participated in the voting experience. To see the Student Vote results, please click here.

The Crusaders would like to thank outgoing mayor, Mr. Parrish Tung, for all his time and dedication to the Town of Elk Point and to the Crusaders. Mr. Tung is one of our substitute teachers and can be found at many of our volleyball games up in the referee seat and in the stands. We would also like to thank Mrs. Bernice Capjack for her many hours and the volunteering that she has done on her time on the Town Council. Mrs. Capjack also substitute teaches at FGM. We look forward to both of their continued support and involvement with the Crusaders.

Congratulations to Mr. Lorne Young, our School Board trustee, on his appointment as the new Mayor of Elk Point. We know he will work tirelessly to support both our school and our community. Our very own FSLW/FNMI, Mrs. Sherry Bower-Gagne, has a new role in Elk Point as one of the Town Council members. We share her excitement as she dons her new hat, and we know she will do a great job in her new role.


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