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Vote - A Chance to Choose!

Crusaders from grades 7 through 12 will have the opportunity to participate in Student Vote, a mock vote that mirrors the actual 2017 municipal and school board elections being held this month. On October 12 and 13 during the lunch break, students are encouraged to "VOTE" for candidates running for the Municipal Election in the Town of Elk Point, County of St. Paul and our School Board Elections. This is an excellent "real world" activity that gives students a chance to experience the voting process. The event, being run by Mr. Clarke and Mr. Braga, is a cross-curricular activity that will give real world relevance that ties in with both our mathematics and social studies classes. Join us for THE VOTE, Crusaders at lunch this Thursday and Friday.

From the CIVIX website: CIVIX is organizing a Student Vote parallel election for elementary and secondary schools coinciding with the Alberta Municipal and School Board Trustee elections on October 16, 2017. Students from across the province are learning about the electoral process, engaging in the campaign and will cast ballots on the official local candidates. This is the ninth Student Vote project coordinated in Alberta. This project is made possible with support from the Government of Alberta, Edmonton Community Foundation, Alberta Teachers’ Association, Galvin Family Trust, Elections Alberta and the Government of Canada. To learn more click here!


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