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Why Scrapbook?

You could scrapbook your child's school year, but life seems to always get in the way of capturing those memories. Maybe you don't scrapbook at all! Why not let us do that for you with the Wapiti 2017/18 Yearbook! Some families chose to purchase a book during registration this fall. If you did - THANK YOU! If you didn't, please read on....

1. We sell at COST! $35 is our base price.

2. We ask for pre-payment so that we can gauge interest. We start with a 40 page, full colour book. The price per book goes down with the more books ordered. The more pre-orders we receive, the more pages we can produce for the $35! Last year, we ordered 125 books with 60 pages thanks to all the pre-orders

3. We strive to incorporate no less than 2 photos of your child in the yearbook.

4. The price is $35 until the end of September! Pre-order now! The price increases to $40 thereafter!

Keep those school memories alive in your yearbook...20 years from now your child will appreciate your investment!


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