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I forgot to hand in my form!

Picture Day was today - Wednesday, September 27. Some students handed in their forms late, but that doesn't mean you can't get a package!

Families can still hand in their student form until FRIDAY! These late packages will be sent to Lifetouch.

PROOFS - Those families that did not order a package today have the option to order once the pre-paid packages arrive in a few weeks. Picture proofs for those who did not order will be handed out and, if you like your photos, they can be ordered online!

Lifetouch has listened and made some changes! Multi child ordering: Parents can now order all of their kids photos online at the same time. They listened and it is now available! Prepaying for your photos means free shipping, but if you don't and still want to order pictures, Lifetouch has reduced their shipping costs! Direct shipping to homes for late orders used to be $8 and now it is down to $3.99! Reminder that all pre-paid photo orders are shipped free to the school ,but if you order late, these two new offers can equal a savings of $36 for a family! How is this possible!?! A family with 5 kids can now order all of their portraits online at the same time and pay only 1 shipping charge of $3.99. This compares to having to order 5 separately and paying $8 shipping for each.​

There are many benefits to ordering online. Not only do you pay just one shipping fee for your whole family, but signing up to also gives you free downloads and background options not available when you send your payment to the school! Our school is listed as F G Miller Jr Sr High School

Here are a few more money saving tips:

1. Upgrade Special - Get both basic retouching and your child's name on all portraits for $11. This is a savings of $4!

2. The variety special gives you multiple background choices for $16 which you can choose online.


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