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AR Reading for Grade 10 and 11 Crusaders

The Knights that say ARrrh have gathered around the reading table to discuss those Crusaders who are not in English this semester. Let it hereby be known that all grade 10 and 11 students can read and quiz in the first semester and the points WILL COUNT toward their goals when they do partake in English in semester two!

AR reading counts for 5% of their student mark for grade 10 and 3% of their mark in Grade 11. It doesn't seem like much, but it could mean the difference between passing or not - plus reading comprehension increases as the student reads more - resulting in higher class marks overall. This opportunity is a great way to take the stress off reading during the busy second semester. So read now and enjoy the nice weather in May and June! We encourage families to read every day at home. It's a great way to escape your busy lives and wind down at the end of the day!

Note: Special thanks to Robyn Deschamps for allowing us to reproduce her stunning artwork in this blog post! Robyn's work and those of other Crusaders will be featured on a special page on our website....stay tuned for more details!


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