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Live in the Learning Commons - ALL YEAR!

Now that we have the first week of school out of the way, the Learning Commons is ready for a year of daily lunch activities that will promote hands-on learning and stimulate conversation for both students and staff.

Mondays - Join us to do some adult colouring and make some really cool paper crafts with recycled book pages. This week we are colouring bookmarks!

Tuesdays - The LC is rocking with tunes as Crusaders read the big screen and sing at our Tuneful Tuesday Karaoke event.

Wednesday - The LC will be in stitches as Miss Owen guides Crusaders through the ins and outs of crochetting and knitting. Bring your own project to work on, or use the needle and wool we have on hand! All you need is the willingness to learn!

Thursdays - It Lego day! Join us to play Creationary or just build your own creations with Lego.

Fridays - We hold our board games break. You can play chess, scrabble, or any of the other games we have on hand. This month, Mr. Braga will be teaching us the game of UR - stop by to find out more!

Finally, for one week a month, we halt weekly activities and show feature films. Bring your lunch and enjoy the big screen and sound in the LC. The dates are listed in the poster above.

Lunch activites happen all over the school. The gym is open for play, the computer lab is open to game, and a few teachers have role playing games in their classrooms. There is a whole lot to do in the 40 minute lunch break, so take your pick and de-stress!


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