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AR HoARd - Rampaging Readers

Reading in the Realm of eARth is over for the year, but we wanted to share with you the fun we had at the AR HoARd Free-for-All on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. It was like a Black Friday with Crusaders rushing the Learning Commons with their AR cheques (all their AR points converted to AR DollARs). Crusaders purchased items from their wish list and walked away with merchandise and big smiles! Check out the slide show.

A day like the HoARd, is impossible without the many hands that helped behind the scenes and on the day. Special thanks to the following: Kelly Raymond for inventory and sales, Miss Trotchie sales, Mr. Krys and Mrs. Capjack our tally masters, Mrs. Loughran for sales, Mr. Younghans, Mr. Bjorkman and Mr. Burke for crowd control, and Mrs. Berlinguette for watching the phones while our secretarial team helped out!

The culture of reading in our Realm has grown with Accelerated Reader and using the points earned from reading is just another way we make reading memories!

We have also included our AR Royalty - these are the Crusaders that made the Top 10 list this year and amongst them, they accumulated a whopping 4734.2 points! The Dread Dragon Bjorkmaen, who is proud of all our reading successes, is especially proud of our new Royalty. Keep on reading on and have a wonderful summer!

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