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Wiz Kids of Oz

Oz-some! That’s all that can be said about the Elk Point Theatre Group’s Wizard of Oz production that happened on April 29 and 30, 2017. Produced by LoAnne Smith and directed by Mr. Clarke’s talented wife, Jessika, this musical production was definitely a night to remember. Although the reporting of this event is more than a month overdue, it was so oz-some (and we are so proud of our Crusader actors) that we just had to put it on our website to sing their praises!

Our very own grade 8 Crusader, Alexa Berlinguette was a ptich perfect Dorothy Gale. Andrew Richer, our Grade 10 Crusader, played a simply wonderful Scarecrow/Hunk, and Jorja Theriault, who is also in grade 8, delivered a tremendous performance as Aunt Em/Glinda/Optimism. These three students spent an incredible amount of time practicing and preparing for their roles and their efforts made the performance one of the best amateur musicals I have ever seen. The organizers and parent/community volunteers should be commended on their attention to detail in costuming, props, and all the back stage work that was done. The event even boasted an Aunt Em Diner with a simple, but wonderful assortment of meals prior to the show.

Congratulations to our Crusader performers and their dedicated parents. It was truly a wonderful, well-rounded, family-friendly event. I can’t wait until next year - hope twister lands another production of amateur theatre in April 2018!


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