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The Transformation has Begun!

The transformation of the Elk Point Elementary Tigers into the F. G. Miller Crusader began on Monday, May 29, 2017, as the Tigers travelled with their teachers from the EPE jungle to the FGM Realm of the Crusaders at 3:30 p.m.

The adventure began in our computer labs where our 8 teams were greeted by the Crusader Ambassadors and staff. They got down to the business of filling in registration forms and learning how to unlock the lock that will secure their next year's vault. The lock opening competition had six winners total.

The journey continued with a trip to the Library Learning Commons to explore the virtual side of our school at Next stop was the gym for an introduction to their future teachers and a brief Q&A session where our administration team answered survey and additional questions asked by the Tigers.

With the work done, it was time to play, and the Tigers and their Crusader Ambassadors went on a QR Code Quest to track the hidden codes in classrooms and other key areas of our realm using their ipad decoders. Famished teams gathered in the Crusader Common to partake in a feast of cheese burgers, beverage and icy treats cooked up by our Wapiti chefs. With bellies full, the grade 6 students chose the locker that would be their vault for the upcoming year.

The “Get to Know” games began in our gymnasium where our eight teams circulated through 4 activities facilitated by staff – Toilet Talk, Who am I?, Candy Love, and MEYOU (bingo) which were designed to help our newest charges and staff get more familiar with each other. It was wonderful to see the amazing interactions and experience the laughter. The events culminated in the Balloon Pop Rodeo with all guests, Tigers and Crusaders trying to save their balloon calves from the rest of the herd. Balloon-less cowboys corralled the herd until only Dalyn Parr and Mrs. Younghans kept their balloon calves safe winning the final challenge of the night.

The final activity ended as parents left their orientation meeting in our LLC to collect their Tigers and take a quick tour of the realm before leaving for the evening.

The orange and black stripes have begun to fade as the burgundy and gold of the knights beneath appear. Our terrified Tigers are on the path to becoming seasoned Crusaders and our orientation event was amazingly successful due to the commitment and camaraderie of all EPE and FGM staff/ambassadors in attendance. Until the fall…..All hail the Tigers!


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