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Great Medicine "RN for the Soul" - May 3, 2017

On the afternoon of May 3, 2017, the Crusaders, EPOS and Heinsburg students experienced a bit of "RN for the soul" as Robb Nash and his crew rocked the afternoon away with a message that covered many sensitive topics affecting today’s youth such as addictions, bullying, suicide and substance abuse. The goal of the Robb Nash Project is to bring hope and purpose to students, encourage them to make good choices and make every day count. He shared his personal journey that began with a crash that took his life - then gave it back, and his journey toward helping teens turn negatives into positives. During the performance Crusader, Jorja Theriault, had the opportunity to share the stage and sing with Robb! After the presentations, many students took the opportunity to meet Robb, share their experiences and get his autograph.

Want more RN? Just go to his app to find answers to frequently asked questions and all the music he performed that afternoon...visit your app store or google play and type "Robb Nash". Since the presentation, several students have made positive personal breakthroughs, and we are all thankful for such an entertaining and thought provoking presentation that was engaging and truly entertaining! Enjoy photos of the show below!

All three learning centers would like to sincerely thank the Town of St. Paul FCSS with contributions from the St. Paul and Area Interchurch Group and St. Paul Education for bringing Robb Nash to FGM!


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