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Mama Mia! What a trip!

Italy 2017 Travel Club - During spring break, the Elk Point Travel Club ventured to Italy to visit the cities of Venice, Florence, and Rome. We made our way through Venice both on foot and by gondolas. Ancient architecture and history were literally around every corner as we visited the many town squares and made our way through the winding streets. Florence and its many artistic masterpieces were next. We also went into the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore which was completed in 1434. We went up the 414 steps of Giotto’s bell tower which is located right next to the Cathedral. Then we went on to the Seven Hills of Rome. If we had a day for each hill, it would not have been enough to see all of the grand churches, Roman ruins, and artistic treasures that are riddled throughout the city. Of course, we also have time for shopping and the occasional gelato, the worlds’ best ice cream. The trip was the adventure of a lifetime and we’re already planning on our next one, which will occur in two year's time.


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