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EXPOsed to Careers

On April 12, 2017, Mr. Boratynec and Mrs. Morrison took our grade 10 students to the St. Paul Career Expo at the St. Paul Rec Centre for the afternoon. With over 40 exhibitors, students had lots to see and do. The booths included post-secondary schools, local businesses, and groups who were sharing information about possible occupations with students. And if you didn't know which booth to check out, our career counsellor in the making, Andrew Richer, was giving career advice to his they got to look into various health care occupations, such as massage therapy and combined lab and X-ray technology. Crusaders also practiced their welding skills on a simulator, and we all learnt how to change a tire on a racecar. Our very own, Carson Vogel even challenged one of the NAIT instructors to a race of who could change a tire faster. And guess who won?? CARSON with 34 seconds!! A brief video of Carson's win can be found in our Crusader Videos icon on our front page!


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