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Sound + Lights + Crusaders = Spring Fling

PUP's Spring Fling dance was awash with sound, lights and smoke - the perfect combination for an awesome night to remember.

Special thanks to Aron at Tunes, Lloydminster, who kitted out our PUP group with light and sound equipment at a fabulous price. The gym was rockin' with tunes, but the lights.....the LIGHTS!! We had lights flashing on all of the walls and floor - add the fog in there, and our dancers were thunderstruck!!!

The kids loved it and were asking for "one more, just one more" at the end. We were a little worried about the music and had a few glitches, but in the end, Erin, Megan, Travis, Zoe, with support from the kids in attendance, turned the event into a Youtube dance party! Over 80 Crusaders rocked the dance floor with dance offs, line dances and two stepping.

Thanks need to go Duane and Coleen for opening up the Wapiti for thirsty dancers, to Mr. Bjorkman who is always here to support us, and the kids who really made it a fantastic time!


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