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Mathletes Crusade to Racette

St. Paul Education Regional Division #1 Science and Math Olympiad is just around the corner! F.G. Miller is the defending champion, having won the last SPERD Math Olympiad in 2014. This year’s Science and Math Olympiad will occur on Friday, April 21st at Racette Junior High School in St. Paul, Alberta. Each school is allowed to send eight students (forming two teams of four) from each junior high grade. Mr. Braga, Mr. Bjorkman, and IA, Miss Trotchie, are our team supervisors during the Science and Math Olympiad field trip. Special thanks to Elk Point Insurance for sponsoring our mathletes' t-shirts and helping our team look great at the event!

The schedule for Friday, April 21st is:

9:00 am The bus departs F.G. Miller.

9:30 am The bus arrives at Racette.

9:50 am Olympiad Event 1–Science Themed

11:00 am Olympiad Event 2–Math Themed

12:00 pm Lunch by SPERD. If you have any food

allergies please note them on the attached permission form.

12:30 pm Olympiad Event 3–Interdisciplinary (Science/Math) Themed

2:15 pm The bus departs Racette.

2:45 pm The bus arrives at F.G. Miller.

3:17 pm You depart from school as normal (e.g. on the school bus).

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