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Dyer Consequences - Rise of the Machine

On Thursday afternoon, April 6, 2017, Gwynne Dyer delivered an engaging lecture to F.G. Miller students, staff and a few community members entitled "The Trump Era: Barking Up the Wrong Tree". Dyer discussed the causes of the recent Brexit referendum, the U.S. election and the current political situation in France. He touched on how current politicians have used the issues of immigration and job lost to foreign countries to win voters. However, recently these issues have been used to play on voters' emotions rather than focusing on the facts. Dyer says, "Yes, many jobs have been lost over time, but relatively few are being lost to overseas workers." Instead, he claimed, automation is the real job killer. Millions of jobs have been lost to computers and robots and only more will be lost moving into the future. He said one study suggested as many as 47% of existing jobs in the United States are vulnerable to automation in the next twenty years. Even if that number turns out much lower there is a very real concern moving into the future. Dyer discussed how a few countries are already looking seriously into creating a Universal Basic Income to combat continued job loss to automation and spoke briefly about what that might look like. We were happy to have Mr. Dyer speak to our students and share some of his knowledge and perspectives on the world's current economic and political situation.

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