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A. G. Ross Arena the Place to Be Update

Congratulations to our Crusaders for their 9-4 win against Hanna! Look below to find out when their next game is scheduled by accessing their website.

F. G. Miller High School would like to congratulate our Crusaders on the Midget D Avalanche team for winning the Zone 2 Championship and for hosting Provincials right here at the A. G. Ross Arena! Our students will be attending a game tomorrow, but the action continues all weekend long. Crusaders, please dress warmly tomorrow! In the slideshow above, you will find the schedule or click here to access their website for more information and the schedule!

Best of luck to Crusaders: Spencer Hardcastle, Nick Anderson, Chad Poitras, Warren Ference, Angus McFarlane, Austin Stafford, Brody Odgaard, Bowen Krider, Chase Dorey, Christian Castle-Wasson, Hayden Ludlage, Cyle Graus, and their teammates Kyle Kjenner and Shayne Hurtubise this weekend.

Our Avalanche, as well as Valleyview, Smoky Lake, Battle River, Eckville, Pincher Creek, Hanna and Thunderstars will be competing for top spot this weekend. Come out and enjoy some fast-paced, minor hockey action and cheer on our Crusaders!


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