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The Great Flood of 2017!

Thanks to the miracle that took our Wapiti Chefs, Duane and Colleen, to the school to drop off pop for the Wapiti at around 8:00 p.m., the Great Flood of 2017 wasn't as bad as it could have been!

The recent thaw and freeze created a lake behind that shop that was looking for a place to create a river...and the river lead right into the Shop and created a swimming pool and a swamp in the Common Area!

It took volunteers Duane Zaraska, Colleen Hanlon, Rhianna Bjorkman, and Division employees, Mr. Hoyle, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Gratton, Mr. Fedoruk and Mr Bjorkman three hours to divert the mini river and clean up the gallons of water that poured into the shop and travelled into the common area - narrowly missing the gym floor. The Crusaders would like to thank Mr. Fedoruk for bringing his personal skid steer and for everyone who helped that night....and, of course, our Crusader Chefs for dropping off the pop and reporting the flood to Mr. Bjorkman!

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