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The Force is Strong in This One

Friday is Miss Meger's last day at F. G. Miller and there's no better way to recognize her commitment to our students and school than to honour her with an actual Star Wars Day! Yup, it's her favourite movie series, so suit up stormtroopers and droids - let's send Miss Meger off into her next adventure Star Wars style.

Former alumna, Miss Meger, joined us last March to sit in the pilot seat of Student Supports (and a few other course cruisers). She did a stellar job filling the space boots of Mrs. Oracheski who was taking care of her young Jedi for the year.

The Galactic Republic (aka The Realm of the Crusaders) would like take this opportunity to thank Miss Meger for her work in the classroom, with parents, on field trips and extracurricular events. Once a Crusader, always a Crusader! May the Force be with you as you navigate to the star system Sedgewick in the Southern Alberta quadrant of the Galaxy.

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