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So Much More than Subs!

This week is Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week, and our Crusader family would like to send a big `Shout Out` to not only our teacher substitutes, who brave raging teenage hormones and the mantra of `We don`t have to work, our teacher isn`t here!`, but also to our instructional assistant and custodial staff substitutes. The substitutes that fill support roles are vital to the smooth and seamless running of our school when employees are way. The Crusaders appreciate all our substitutes for their dedication to our school and to the well being of our students.

Special thanks to our teacher substitutes from the 2016-17 school year:

Mrs. Bishop, Mr. Prodaniuk, Mrs. Capjack, Mr. O`Neill, Ms. Wild, Mrs. Anderson, Ms. Woznack, Mr. Mazur, Mr. Pattison, Mr. Pilipchuk, Mrs. Rudolf, Mr. Tung, Mr. West, Mr. Wilson, Ms. Kachmar, Mrs. Goertzen and Miss Fields.

Thanks to our instructional assistant substitutes for all their one-on-one help with students: Mrs. Drobot, Mrs. Blacklock, Mrs. Wenyeve, Mrs. Sturgeon and Miss Kulczycki.

Without these substitutes, our school would be lacking in the janitorial and maintenance departments: Mr. Kobewka, Mr. Bochon (both maintenance) and Sam Pinroch and Mrs. Cribbins (both janitorial).

To all of our teacher and support substitutes, we wish you a wonderful week and look forward to sharing time with you in the future!

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