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On the Healthy Side

Happy Valentine's Day! In honour of your heart, we want to remind you that our Wapiti Concession provides eats with your heart in mind! Here are just a few of the heart health foods we provide:

Smoothies $3.50

Parfaits - $2.50

White or Chocolate Milk - $2.00

Aloe Drink - $2.50

Juice - $1.50

Fibre/Protien Bars - $2.00

Vege/Fruit Cup - $3.00

We would also like to remind you that our Wapiti Menu is posted on our Crusader Calendar. View it by clicking on FGM Calendar in the burgandy flag to the left of the screen. Featured meals and prices are posted for each day. If you cannot see the entire menu, just click on it to expand or view the calendar in agenda form (This option is found to the top right of the calendar by clicking on AGENDA.) The calendar is a great way to plan your child's weekly meal options.


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