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On the Button!

February 4, 2017, our senior curling team participated in SPAA at St. Paul with both the girls' and the boys' teams placing third overall. Although the team is new to the ice, they played some fantastic games. To team build, they will be competing in Islay's Junior Curling Bonspiel February 10 and 11 with SPAA Zone competitions potentially ending the season on February 21 and 22 in Lamont.

The team would like to thank the sponsors of their curling jackets for all their support - check out who they are in the slideshow within this blog! Best of luck to our senior team during the curling season and a big thanks to coaches Mrs. Lori Nelson and Mrs. Dennell Anderson, plus all the parents for their fundraising support! Thank you Mrs. Pindroch for sending the photos of the teams in action and supplying information for this write-up! Go HARD, Crusaders!


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