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Welcome 2017 and Returning Staff and more!

Wow! The coming of 2017 means that we have nearly completed the first half of our school year and semester finals are looming before us!

We are so excited to have Mrs. Sundt transitioning back into her position starting now and returning to full time on February 1! We hope you enjoyed your maternity leave and are ready to return to all your Crusader kids! Special thanks to Mrs. Petruk who cared for the kids and the Home Economics room from the beginning of the school year. Our congratulations to her for spear-heading a very successful Christmas Brunch and keeping everyone in stitches and fabulous foods while Mrs. Sundt was away!

Mrs. Bower-Gagne, FGM's Grand PUPPIE and counsellor, is also transitioning into back her FSLW/FNMI position. It's great to have her positive energy and smiling face back, and all of us are pleased that you are back behind the desk! Special thanks to Ms. Ziomek of EPE for crossing the road to take care of our Crusaders while Mrs. Bower-Gagne was away!

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