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Gift Idea with a Crusader Twist

Season's Greetings Crusader Families!

Don't know what to buy your Crusader this Christmas?

If you have not already pre-ordered the 2016-17 yearbook, here is your opportunity to not only do so, but give a gift to your child (or give an idea to a family member or friend) for a gift that will be cherished for years to come. The book will be 56 pages of full colour and is our 55th published copy from FGM!

We are extending our $35 offer for the holiday season, so if you have not pre-ordered yet, here is your opportunity to celebrate a year in the life of your Crusader! See Mrs. Loughran at the front desk to place your order!

Speaking of gift giving....our website has the link to purchase Crusader clothing. Just click on the icon to link to our clothing shop. You can view your order with different logos and colours before you buy!

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