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Experience Sound & Colour with TeamUP at the U of A

Our man in the lab, Mr. Boratynec, would like students to know about TeamUP Science, a non-profit and student group at the University of Alberta, who are hosting their 5th annual Interdisciplinary Science Competition (ISC) - Sounds and Colour on February 18th and 19th at University of Alberta campus.

They will select 100 high school students for an opportunity to participate in a friendly science competition at a university setting for awards and prizes. Please note that they provide accommodations and fee waivers for students from out-of-town or those who need it, as they want to make this event as accessible to those who would otherwise not have this opportunity.

Through guest lecturers, hands-on planning and experimentation, students participating in ISC will complete a well-rounded science project encompassing biology, physics, and biochemistry. ISC aims at providing the participants with scholastic and academic opportunities at the post-secondary level including connections with professors and individuals pursuing careers in the STEM fields.

Find out how to sign up by visiting: http://www.teamupscience.com/isc/application/

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