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The Books have Spoken

...Or at least their points have! A HUGE congratulations to our new Kings and Queens of eARth - our reading realm! Click on the picture above to see their names and houses! The remainder of our top 10 readers are: Dakota Havener, Katelyn Boratynec and Ethan Hampson - way to read crew!

Our 4 house winners of the Glass Dragons for House Hundreds for the Time of Fire (Report #1) were: Teaghan Jacobson - Silvaen, Slader Hardcastle - Crimsaen, Ethan Hampson - Sapphaere, and Nolan Koren - Greenslaeve. Remember every 100% counts, so ace a quiz and enter your house hundred ticket in our library learning commons. The Time of Earth (Report #2) prize will be a $10 credit at the Wapiti!


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