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F. G. Miller Mission Statement


  • Through an attitude that fosters the delivery of a high-standard educational program and the expectation of a similar student performance, F. G. Miller Jr/Sr High School endeavors to meet students’ academic, social and personal needs.


  • We strive to build a sense of pride and self-worth in a happy and safe environment where positive relationships can flourish and individuals are respected.


  • We believe that every student attending F. G. Miller Jr/Sr High School is a person of great value.  We are committed to helping each other reach our greatest potential through an interaction and exchange of ideas with colleagues, students, parents, and the community.

About Us


Physical Structure


F.G. Miller Jr./Sr. High School was built in the 1960s as a high school and after the closing of the junior high school, it now houses grade 7 through 12.


In 1982, the school was expanded to accommodate a growing number of students and underwent a further renovation in 1997/98 and again in 2011. The building forms a rough rectangle with a small grass courtyard in the center. It contains an Industrial Education Shop, Home Economics room with four kitchens, a regulation size gymnasium, weight room and change rooms, an art room, science lab, computer lab, a music room and a library learning commons.

During the 97/98 renovations, the Division centralized the administration area, teacher preparation room and the staff lounge, reception area and library. The renovation also provided students with a common gathering area with a small cafeteria in an attempt to increase student ownership of the building. Prior to the renovation the only area large enough to house more than 40 students was the gymnasium. In the student common area a trophy case is used to promote student work, display trophies and notify students of upcoming events.


Due to its location the common area also welcomes guests to the school community with “Welcome to F.G. Miller, Home of the Crusaders”. Throughout the vestibule, common area and gymnasium Crusader logos and various banners won by sports teams including basketball, volleyball, golf, curling and track are on display. We remember our past students in our hallway entitled “Alumni Hall” which is lined with graduation and student composite photos. Student artwork from both junior and senior levels can be seen on display throughout the building. 


Outside we feature a signboard to keep our families informed.  We have a large playing field behind our building to engage our students in outdoor sports activities.

Philosophy Statement


F. G. Miller accepts the premise that the school should do everything possible to develop each student’s intellectual, physical, and social well-being in accordance with his/her abilities, capabilities, needs and desires.  Providing for the educational development and welfare of the students is the primary purpose of F. G. Miller Jr./Sr. High.  Every effort is made to provide an environment designed to assist each student in realizing his or her maximum mental, physical and social development.  Control of school policies, classroom, and student activities must necessarily be a responsibility of the administration and staff.  This does not preclude student participation in planning and operating some school activities.  The final approval or disapproval of such activities and the ultimate responsibility for them must rest with the accountability of all staff members.  At the same time, it is a key objective to develop a sense of mental and physical self-discipline in each student.  If students realize that being a member of a student body entails responsibilities as well as privileges, the likelihood of attainting the goal of good citizenship becomes more probable.


of the Crusaders

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