Hours of Operation

R. E. Beattie Library Learning Commons is open from 8:30 to 3:30 p.m.

We are here to help you during both breaks and over the lunch break.  The facility is also available for club meetings and more.  Please forward your request to our learning commons librarian.


Our collection of fiction and non-fiction books in our learning commons is available to all students, staff and parents. 

Loan limit: 2 books

Loan Period:  2 weeks before renewal

Book Searches

Our patrons can search our learning commons collection by uploading the Library World app on electronic devices and computers.  Searches can be generated by title, author or subject.

Access to our OPAC or discover if a book is AR at AR Bookfind.  Click to view.


AR Bookfind

Behind the Desk... 

When you enter our Cafe Read-a-Lot literacy space you will be greeted by either Mrs. Denise Bjorkman or Miss Lilly Librarian. To learn more read their bios!

Ms. Pollard, LCL (Learning Commons Librarian)

Years behind the desk:  Not even one! 

Favourite Genre:  Fantasy 

Favourite children's books:  Everything Shel Silverstein & Roald Dahl! 

Favourite YA books:  The Legacy of Orïsha Trilogy 

Favourite adult books:  The Outlander Series 

When she is beyond the desk:  reading, painting, growing houseplants, and hiking

Accelerated Reader Reigns!

Our Division subscribes to Accelerated Reader, a literacy tool that has created a reading revolution in our school.  Students are tested using the STAR reading tool, which gives them a ZPD (zone of proximital development) score.  Our Crusaders are then able to choose books that will give them reading practice at a level of comprehension and interest that will challenge, but not discourage reading.  Once a book is read, a quiz is taken.  The goal is to receive a 90% or higher on the quiz which indicates that a Crusader has successfully understood the literature and able to move higher into their zone.  Parents are able to follow their child's reading progress by signing up for AR HomeConnect.  Visit our parent page to join your child on his/her journey.

Beyond the books...

Our learning commons is a space that goes beyond books.  Our space accomodates approximately 60 students thus it is used for presentations such as visiting authors, post-secondary presentations, club meetings and more.  We offer our space to students throughout the school day to gather, research, complete assignments and read.
Our space is also mobile.  Movable shelving allows us to increase the size to accomodate our annual book fair each November.  Although our space is visually open to our hallways, with blinds we can create a more private space for presentations.
Our learning commons is a part of the SPERD Virtual Learning Commons. Our students across the Division can connect to www.sperdlearningcommons.ca website - a virtual learning portal - and have access to all the reference sites 24/7.  This website offers students grade and subject level links to enhance their journey into explanding their knowledge of the world around them and past events that have created the world they live in.  This site can be accessed thorough our learning commons home page on this site. 

Silent no more...

We strive to make our learning commons a vibrant and verbal space!  Yes, during our AR reading classes our focus is a space that is conducive to journeying into the realm of the written page; however, we celebrate student interaction in our literacy space.