Accelerated Reader

The Realm of EARth

The Crusaders participate in Accelerated Reader, a powerful literacy tool that helps our students strive for excellence in literacy at their personal reading and interest level.  Crusaders become a member of one of our four great Reading Houses.  As they read toward their goal in our four report periods - The Time of Air, Earth, Fire and Water, their points are accumulated in their houses.  Each House has an advisor, a King or Queen, and the Hand of the King/Queen.  Crusaders use their points at the end of the year to purchase treasures from our AR HoARd.  To see more about our great Reading Houses, click on the shields below.
Royalty Time of Air Report #4  2020-2021

AR Report Periods

Time of Air
Sept. 8 to Nov. 9

Realm has read 741 books with 34 241 033 words to date

Time of Earth
Nov. 10 to Jan. 22

Realm has read 929 books with 51 020 131 words to date


Time of Fire
Jan. 23 to April 8

Realm has read 1544 books with 87 562 694 words to date

Time of Water
April 9 to June 11

Realm has read __books with __ words to date