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F. G. Miller Career Counselling

Creating Your Future

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Our career guru, Mrs. Angele Morrison, is here to help our Crusaders succeed with their current high school path and planning for their post-secondary future. It doesn't stop there!  She is here to answer any questions that parents/guardians have about academics and career planning - just book an appointment! 


Mrs. Morrison can usually be found in our Library Learning Commons on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week to meet with students individually to discuss their high school programs and develop a post-high school plan.

She is here to help with our students with: 


  • Planning high school courses

  • Career assessments and interest inventories

  • Researching occupations

  • Post-secondary planning and applications

  • Writing resume and cover letter 

  • Finding and applying for scholarships/funding


Mrs. Morrison meets primarily with our senior Crusaders; however, she is available for junior high students with career questions.  Parents and students are welcome to request an appointment by either contacting the school or Mrs. Morrison directly.


Mrs. Angele Morrison    Ph: 780-614-7458       Email:          



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